Rental Rules

All equipment Rental price showed for minimum of two days period (for the weekend from Friday to Monday). Commercial equipment is an exception and provided only for 24 hours

Rental price for equipment shown under every photos.

A deposit will also be required at the time of the equipment pick up.

Deposit could not be returned if there is a significant damage or loss of the equipment.

At the moment of pick up, You will pay for the total: rental price plus a deposit. Deposit amount is indicated in the contract.

When client receives the equipment, together with our employee client should check the interior, state and assembly of the equipment.

Client should not modify the equipment or any part of it without our agreement.

In case of the damage or total loss of the equipment client will be charged with the equivalent amount of money.

Please fill out this form for booking:

Reservation for the equipment

We offer a booking service for our equipment for those who want to be sure the costume and/or equipment is available on certain date:

  • For reservation service you should call us (voice or text message) or send us e-mail message to let us know of your desired package and date;
  • We will be happy to reserve the equipment if it is available for the requested date. All we need is your name and phone number;
    *During the high demand season the client will be asked to pay a deposit amount when booking. This deposit will be later used as security deposit and will be returned to the customer once the equipment is returned.
  • We will send you a text message to confirm reservation details;
  • You should pay full rental amount and deposit when you come to pick up the costume(s) and/or equipment;

Booking Conditions

  1. When booking during the high demand season the Customer will have to pay the deposit while booking. This is a guarantee of delivery of goods on a certain date.
  2. This deposit will be later used as security deposit and will be returned to the customer once the equipment is returned.
  3. If you cancel the reservation , you will have to pay cancellation fee:
    • Fee of 50% of the rental price if the cancellation is done 3 days before the pick up date;
    • No refund – if cancellation happens less than in 3 days before the appointed date.
  4. If you would like to modify the reservation please notify us minimum of 2 days in advance of the scheduled date. In this case we could change the reservation depending on the equipment availability.

Our Responsibility

The supplier is responsible for providing the equipment for the date specified. If the reserved equipment has been lost, damaged or not returned by previous Customers, the Supplier shall notify the Customer by phone.

The Supplier undertakes to provide replacement goods that will satisfy the Customer’s requirements.

If the equipment, provided as replacement, has a rental rate higher than that previously chosen and paid for by the Customer, then the difference in price is fully covered by the Supplier.