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Yes, all our junior castles are suitable for children up to and including the age of eleven. For anyone over this age you will need to hire an adult castle. The reason for this is that Adult Castles are reinforced and double stitched to allow for extra weight. Adults using a children’s castle may result in damage to the castle, with the cost of repair / replacement being charged to the renter.

0 to 11 year old mainly (but all enjoy the entertainment too). If the children are over 10, we do workshops around face-painting and activities that are suitable for older children.

How to use

It is most desirable to set up inflatables on grass but not always necessary. A castle can be set up on concrete or tarmac but this will have to be discussed beforehand – hard abrasive surfaces are not great for the Castles. It is you the hirer’s responsibility to notify us by email if you wish the inflatable to be set up on any surface other than grass. We will usually arrange for a site visit to ensure this is possible – if so then we will need to provide thick groundsheets and we will need to drill thunderbolts into the hard surface to anchor the inflatable down safely.

Yes, our bouncy castles can be inflated indoors – we will provide sandbags to hold the bouncy castle down. You will need to check the ceiling height of the venue and just let us know.

You will need to allow adequate space around all sides of the castle (including overhanging tree branches) – if you are in any doubt as to whether you have enough space please discuss this when booking as we can come to visit the proposed site prior to booking. You will also need to provide adequate access to the site, the castles are delivered on a sack barrow so 3ft minimum width is required. If access is through your property please let us know when booking the castle. We cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred whilst wheeling the castle though your home.

We supply all you will need for the castle. All you will need to provide is a 110 volts mains power supply (a normal domestic socket). If you do not have a power supply for the castle you will need to hire a generator, which we can supply for an extra $45. You will also need to ensure that the proposed site for the castle is free from debris/garden furniture/children’s toys and most importantly dog/cat mess.

No please do not attempt to move the jumping castle once set up due the safety requirements.

Booking, Payment, Cancellation, etc

Should the unfortunate arise and you wish to cancel your booking then you will need to contact us immediately by phone.

Bouncy Castles Only: No charge is made for any cancellation due to bad weather. It is not desirable to hire castles in wet conditions or when it is extremely windy. Most of our castles have rain covers (if you require a rain cover please state this when booking the castle), which will be suitable for light rain showers or drizzle, but not heavy downpours of rain (the rain cover will sag in the middle and start to drip through!) If you wish to cancel your booking due to bad weather conditions please give us as much notice as possible, preferably before 9am on the day.

Please give us a call if your needs change we are happy to change your order based on equipment availability. The earlier you call, the greater the selection.

Remember the inflatables and equipment cannot be operated in wind over 30kmh or in the rain. Fan Party reserved the right to cancel a reservation for safety reasons. If the event must be cancelled due to bad weather, we can reschedule to another date, we don’t refund deposits under any circumstance, and your deposit can be used within 1 year with an additional 5 % discount. (Please call us the same day of your even before 8 am if your event is earlier you must contact us 6 am, we don’t accept calls one day before). There are no refunds after the inflatable or equipment is delivery or set up.
Please call us for more details about cancellation policy.

The rental period minimum is 4 hours to full day for an extra an extra charge. Just Contact us for any special inquires you might have. We as a company are very flexible with our costumers! .We can also set up for an overnight occasion or a multi-day rental.

Both Delivery and Pick-up options are available. However, not all units are available for pick up. To confirm whether your unit is available for pickup please give us a call.

We accept: Interac, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Company checks and Cash.

Yes! We deliver all of our equipment and also pick it up & take it down at the end of your event. This service is “not included in your rental price” the time for Set-up takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes per item. After we set up we will inspect the equipment for safe operation and go over all the rules and regulations with the responsible party. Very important we’ll need to know in advance of any special access instructions for the setup area. For example; stairs on entry, entry through a doorway, gate on entry, if the unit will be set up on grass or concrete also if your event is public or private or if the set up will be in a public park , school, parking lot , community center, street or a backyard.


It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that children are under constant supervision while using the inflatables.

You are responsible for the security of the equipment, end for the duration of the hire, provision of a safe electricity supply, safe operation of the equipment. If you feel that you are unable to provide constant adult supervision then, given sufficient notice (normally minimum 7 days’ notice and subject to staffing availability) we can provide supervision for you (this is a chargeable service – please contact us for more details).

If the damage is considered to be malicious then you will be liable for the full cost of repairs, transport costs associated with the repairs and the loss of business costs while the castle is repaired. We keep a record of the condition of our castles and would advise you to check the jumping castles before the delivery person leaves, and note any problems.

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